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From proofreading to poetry, I enjoy the nuances—and annoyances—that language generates every day through all forms of communication. I help organizations—small and large, public and private—express who they are and be successful. To see how, check out my portfolio

Providing strategic input for marketing communications tools

Writing and editing research and promotional materials

Conducting research and interviews to develop content

Management and writing for corporate, non-profit, and personal blogs

  • “It is an honor to recommend Marcia Davis and Chez Marcita! Marcia helped us tackle a corporate project by taking the typical legal mumbo jumbo and transforming it to an easy to read, unintimidating document. Too often, corporate documentation gets lost in legal or professional jargon and loses its appeal, which means people are also less likely to understand what they’ve read. Marcia helped solve that for us in a timely and professional manner. She also asks tough questions to clarify key issues in order to get to the simplest meaning. I highly recommend her, and look forward to working with her again.”

    - Rosalyn Russell, Associate Manager – Communications, BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

  • “I depend on Marcia’s singular ability to tell stories in a compelling, clear, and consistent manner and carry the tone throughout all touch points. We worked together for years at Herman Miller. Now at Skyline Design, Marcia has re-crafted the brand to great results. A smart and calm player, she’s a welcome addition to any team.”

    - Melissa McKinstry, Market Development Director, Skyline Design

  • “Marcia and I were on the same work team at Herman Miller for seven years. During this time our collaboration was extensive. Marcia is one of the best-qualified people I have ever worked with when it comes to mastery of the English language. As such, when editing my work she was always able to make it that much better. Rather than be dictatorial in her approach, discussions always ensued allowing us to re-write together. Well beyond her editing, Marcia is thorough, organized and efficient with her time. In short, it is a joy to work with Marcia.”

    - Gretchen Gscheidle, Director, Insight and Exploration, Herman Miller, Inc.

  • “I’ve worked with Marcia on a spectrum of projects in a number of team settings. I rely on her initiative and tenacity; she loves to understand issues–whether the subject matter itself or the needs of the audience she’s addressing–and then act on the clarity she’s achieved. She’s conscientious and motivated, completely reliable in getting projects done. And it’s fun to work with someone who enjoys language as much as I do!”

    - Lois Maassen, Partner, Hedgehog Arts & Letters

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